Dear family and friends, 

Augustine once wrote, “What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it…I do not know.” The older one becomes the quicker the leaves seem to change their color. It really does feel like the past 3 years in Chicagoland have gone by in a blink. Here’s a brief update from our family:

Maya & Kara. They remain the best of friends. I wish I could put into words the joy of seeing them play together for hours in a local park. They both started preschool. It has been a gift to watch them grow, learn, and form relationships with other children. Maya’s imagination and speaking skills are off the charts! At one point one of her teachers told me that they waited 5 minutes for her to join the classroom circle so she could finish an elaborate story she had mapped out with felt people, Barbies, trucks, etc. Kara has also flourished in preschool. She has an uncanny level of focus and a unique set of athletic skills. Our friend Chelsie from small group happens to be a gymnastics coach and she assisted Kara in doing a “circle” in the bar of a jungle gym not once, not twice, but three times! (It’s hard not to speak about your kids with superlatives you know?) The dark side of preschool has been that our family has fallen ill with colds and viruses an absurd amount of times. These bouts with sickness were probably our greatest challenge this past year but we pray that everyone’s immune system is built up and ready to face next year’s Midwest germs.

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Cassie. What can I say about this marvelous woman? We have certainly had our ups and downs through the year but she continues to grow more beautiful in every way. I loved her when we got married but now 10 years in, it feels like that love should have a different name because it pales in comparison to the love I have for her today. She’s carried so much of the weight at home while I study and I work. She has been a constant source of encouragement and wisdom. She is a wonderful mother, relentlessly learning, creating, and striving to disciple our girls for the future.


Among other things, this past year I hit a deer. I was alone while the beast leapt from the thick of the forest and pounced onto the front of my vehicle (the story gets more dramatic the further removed I am from it). I am so grateful for his protection and for how the Lord provided another car for nearly the same amount of money the insurance gave us. Cassie and I miss our family and friends from Florida dearly, but we have formed some wonderful friendships with incredible people in Chicagoland. We are grateful for our family away from home, for our mentors, for our small group, for our church, and for all the unique experiences the Lord is giving us during this season in the Midwest.

What’s next? We'd love to know as well. Carlos has one more year of studies to go. Could you pray with us about what the Lord may have for us in the future?

We miss you, and we thank you for your love.

Carlos & Cassie Lollett