Dear family and friends, 

We have reached the halfway point of seminary. Two years have passed since the Lord called us to move from the warmth of Miami skies to the warmth of Chicago sweaters, so we thought it’d be a good time to fill you in on what God has done, and is doing in our family. We haven’t written a sizable update since we moved to Chicago so we believed it’d be wise to make up for the lack of mass communication by composing a 7 page blog. I kid, of course :) 

First, the girls. Maya & Kara are doing extremely well. They are best friends. They play, dance, sing, and everything in between. Maya will be 4 years old this September, and Kara already turned 2 this past February! Can you believe it? It reminds me of when C.S. Lewis wrote in Prince Caspian, “Isn’t funny day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different…” It feels like Kara just started walking not so long ago, but is now successfully climbing the rock walls at the 5-year-old playground. It feels like Maya just uttered her first “Mami”, but is now having full imaginary conversations with her Meenah from the movie Sing. We are certainly transitioning into that stage where we have to carefully consider our daughter’s education, activities, relationships, etc. Parenting may be the simultaneously most rewarding, joyful, and formidable adventure of our lives.

  • Please pray that God would help us be a witness of his unconditional love in their lives, and that he may give us the wisdom to make great decisions on their education, activities, etc. 

Second, Cassie. This amazing woman of God is like fine wine…yeah, you know comes next :) We were worried about the loneliness of moving to an area where we had no family, especially since the girls were so young and they wouldn’t have any of their abuelos, abuelas, tías or tíos around to love on them, and to also call for help in times of need. Though we have faced moments where we deeply miss our family and friends, and though we have had episodes where we have shed tears from the grief of losing touch with our relationships back in Miami, God has lifted our eyes, given us strength, and provided Cassie and I with AMAZING friends from our church, seminary, and even other churches from the city, that have become our family in Chicagoland. Cassie stays at home full-time, in part because we’d break even if we put both of our girls in daycare, and also because we desire to spend as much time as possible educating, and shaping our daughters in these early stages of their life.

  • Please pray that God would give us discernment as Cassie considers further education and training so she can go back to work once the girls go to school in the future. 

Third, our marriage. Because Chicago can get so cold, Cassie is constantly drawn to Carlos’ comforting arms, and this has led to…sorry, I couldn’t help myself. We have shared some amazing moments in Chicago, both as a couple, and also as young parents.  Though we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in July, we have experienced many firsts; First time we’ve lived away from our families, first time we’ve experienced the simultaneous coziness and melancholy of a cold Christmas, first time we’ve woken up to a dirty diaper spread across the girls’ room, first time we’ve had to live with me working part-time, first time we experienced having no other relationships to go to at a moment’s notice, but God alone. One of the verses God pointed us to when we made the decision to move was John 15:2 “…every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” We believe we are in the midst of a beautiful season of preparation (not only from a seminary standpoint, but from a family standpoint) for whatever assignment God has next.

  • Please pray that God helps us to continue to grow in our love for each other, and that he continue to shape us into the couple he wants us to become. 

Even in the loneliest and coldest winter nights, whenever we asked ourselves “Did God really call us to Chicago?” God has answered with a resounding “Yes”. We are grateful for this time of growth, and look forward to learning from God over the next two years of seminary. 

We miss you, and we thank you for your love. 

Carlos & Cassie Lollett

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